This weekend my family will celebrate our third year as Ortonvillians. I can’t say that I’ve settled my feelings about the rural nature of Ortonville (I still miss Birmingham and occasionally drive through subs debating on the next move). However, in the three years we’ve lived in our house there have been many times that I’ve acknowledged your near perfect work and rightness about the people we’ve made our friends.


480 Arrons Way has been a blessing to own. You hear so many horrible stories about “new builds”, even after families have moved in. Our house has not presented one issue for us to deal with. Everything has worked from the beginning and remains in top working order today. When I think of all the mechanical pieces that fit together to build a home it is overwhelming to think that from the well to windows, heat to air, and walls to floors nothing has needed attention. You obviously hired sound work crews and made sure that jobs were done right. Our house is warm and quiet. I can even feel its strength when I walk from room to room or the boys bouncing down the stairs. It’s apparent that you cared about this house and used your expertise and attention to detail to construct something that deserves our recognition.


When deciding on this lot you had a lot of nice things to say about the people that lived here. We couldn’t agree with you more. We are proud to live amongst so many nice families. On these warm spring days we’ll look out the window to find 15 kids playing ball in the yard. That’s not a feature everyone gets to have but we’re glad we do. We love that we’re not the only pair of involved parents and that this neighborhood finds so many ways to bring people together.

Many times I have caught myself complimenting your work and sentiment. Our house is beautiful and the yard adds even more beauty. Our neighbors are kind and thoughtful people anyone would want to live by, and every time I’ve considered moving a little less north, it is these things that have kept me right here.


Thank you for being our builder and for building our home. It was certainly worth the extra wait time.


– Shawna Hackstock